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This preroll comes packed ahead of time to save you the time and frustration of packing your medicine yourself, making it easier and faster for you to administer when you need it!

Each preroll is made with a RAW brand wrapper and small paper filter for maximum convenience and comfort. Every blunt is rolled in a hybrid-hemp wrap with a spiraled paper tip for maximum comfort and smokability.


Whoever names these strains definitely earns their money, because this strain will have you feeling like the legendary comics hero in no time! Mild-mannered Bruce Banner wouldn't find himself exploding in rage quite so often if he were smart enough to carry this stuff around, though it may not help much: hidden power lies in these green, frosty nugs in the form of a monstrous THC content. The effects, like the Hulk, come roaring like a freight train, but they tend to settle and provide a long-lasting, heady buzz, making this perfect for when you need to function.

Bruce Banner Preroll

$5.00 Regular Price
$4.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel
    THC Content: 21%
    60% of Patients Reported: HAPPY or EUPHORIC
    18% of Patients Tasted: SWEET

  • There will be no refunds or returns for any products containing THC or CBD, as per mandated regulations!

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