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The effects of this unique strain are typically more calming than energizing, however patients report a quick-hitting, buzzing high that gradually melts away into relaxation. Although testing typically around 17% THC, this medicine is actually ideal for both new users and people comfortable with cannabis, being neither weak in terms of THC nor overly strong. Grape is the overwhelming flavor note, however other notes of skuny sweetness, grapefruit and diesel notes can be tasted, too. The make-up of GD also makes it particularly suited for treating stress, anxiety and migraines.

Grape Diamonds

SKU: 0010
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  • Memberberry
    THC Content: 17%
    75% of Patients Reported: RELAXED
    48% of Patients Tasted: GRAPE

  • There will be no returns or refunds for any products containing THC or CBD, as per mandated regulations!

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