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Elevate your evenings with this Sleepy Time Elixir!

The ratio of 5:1 full spectrum CBD to THC produces the perfect balance to induce relaxation and tranquility along with a balanced high. Boasting a rich and deep sweetness from fresh blackberries and calming aromatherapy from ethically-sourced organic chamomile and lavender buds, you’ll relax into a deep, dreamy sleep.

Enjoy it mixed with sparkling water over ice for a nightcap, or grab your favorite mug, pour into hot water or tea and experience the zen. There are no limits to the combinations or mixes you can create on your own! 

This 1oz bottle contains 200mg-CBD 40mg-THC to mix 4-6 Servings with.

Squier's Specialty Edibles SleepyTime Elixir

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