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True to its name, this is an absolutely mind-bendingly strong strain with effects that hit like a freight train. A sweet lemon aroma laced with notes of pine was achieved by crossing Mexican and Thai "sativas" with Afghani "indicas," resulting in a unique and amazing combination of flavors and effects. These begin like a crash course that hurtles through the brain bringing on waves of euphoria, bringing forth creativity and happiness. Neither migraines, pain or arthritis stand a chance against this powerhouse strain, and many patients find relief from anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and PTSD.


SKU: 0001
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  • (Mexican/Thai Sativas) x (Afghani Indicas)
    THC Content: 32%
    60% of Patients Reported: EUPHORIA or HAPPY
    20% of Patients Tasted: EARTHY
    Infrequent Users: Take Care!

  • There will be no returns or refunds for any products containing THC or CBD, as per mandated regulations!

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