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Patients Should Only Pay for Their Product!

For Patients,
By Patients...
Community Driven
Goals and Standards...
Reasonably Priced Medicine...

One thing we want to get across in every product we sell is that the medicine we grow and offer is the best quality medicine we're capable of producing, which is a mantra we've had ever since the beginning in the humble closet grow: it has to make a positive difference in people's lives!

Keeping those words foremost in our minds during every step of the growing process, from propagating the most effective and strongest strains, to training and defoliating the plants to cultivate the healthiest possible specimens, to trimming and curing the flower to produce the strongest, most effective medicine we can, everything is done with the idea of improving the medicine for you, the patient!

It's been our goal since the beginning and it will continue to be our goal until the end to be able to give you the best possible medicine we can!

A long-term goal of ours at The Happy Cloud is the continued education and de-stigmatization of medical cannabis and how it can positively affect patients and their lives without the harmful effects most often associated with drug use, while keeping our community as safe and prosperous as possible.

In the wake of out-of-state money and business trying to establish themselves in local communities, it's important to us as a locally owned and operated business that small businesses are given the chance to thrive and offer their services and products to their communities.

In keeping with this idea, we're proud to be a local business offering our services to our community, in an effort to help improve quality-of-life for patients that need it, at an affordable rate to make sure they can get their medicine when they need it, and to make sure their medicine will make the difference they're hoping for!

In addition to offering the most potent and effective medicine we can to our patients, it's also important to us that we offer all of our products at a reasonable and affordable price point: we don't believe patients should have to pay exorbitantly to get the help that they need!

At The Happy Cloud, this idea is ingrained in our pricing structure to offer you the chance to purchase as little, or as much, as you may need, while not gouging into your budget to get you the medicine you need to manage your symptoms.


While keeping options available to the patient for convenience, we hope this attitude translates in the final cost: we don't pay for extra packaging, designs or frills that add to the cost for the patient. When you pay for our medicine, you're only being charged for the medicine! And that's got to be wicked good, right?

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