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       from patients, for patients      


   The story of The Happy Cloud is a relatively simple one: after struggling with a medical condition for years and finally beginning an experimental new treatment, Gerald Yattaw, a long-time general contractor who owned his own roofing company, found himself waylaid and unable to even move due to the debilitating side effects of the drug. After over a year of treatments, his doctor advised, "if you can find any good weed, try that?" And, with that, Gerald tried...


   Much to his chagrin, he couldn't find anything that seemed potent or strong enough, couldn't find any medical cannabis that was effective enough to curb the crippling nausea, couldn't find any products that offered any relief or respite from the treatments overwhelming after effects...

   So, he decided to grow his own, in his closet and as a side project since he didn't feel he could manage much more work. Despite that, before long he'd gotten good enough that he couldn't use everything he was growing, and from there, things started that haven't stopped ever since! The Happy Cloud started as a means to find relief from symptoms and treatments that often left the patient feeling worse off for wear, and we only continue to offer products that we feel confident can make a difference in anyone's lives: whether you're a long-time sufferer or on the mend from something recent, our products can help make a difference!

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